5 Tips to Enjoying Autumn

16 Oct

Some Autumn Muffins to get you inspired. Brought to you by Vegan Dad.

1. Candles, Candles Burning Bright

Don’t let gloomy autumn mornings get you down. As soon as you wake up, light a candle (or six) to lift your spirits and brighten your surroundings with natural light. Candles in warm scents will make your morning even more relaxing. Although not very festive, I enjoy Vanilla Bean by On Sco.

2.  Nothin’ Like a Muffin Afternoon

There’s nothing cozier than an afternoon of baking autumn-inspired muffins. (Or whatever baked good you desire!) Pumpkin, carrot, cinnamon and bran are all delicious fall flavours to try! Make it a relaxing day with pajamas, hot cider and a good book while each batch is in the oven. P.S. Stay tuned for a delicious fall muffin recipe in the next couple of days!

3. Warm Wool and Lovely Leather

Hands down, one of the best things about autumn is the fabulous fall fashion. Wool scarves, knitted sweaters, leather jackets and suade boots are vital to an awesome autumn warbdrobe. So, if you’re feeling bummed about fall, enjoy a little retail therapy and stock up on warm layering pieces.

4. The Leaves They Are a-Changin’

Bundle up and go for a walk – either along a wooded path or a tree-lined street. Taking in the bright colours, autumnal smells and crunchy leaves underfoot will have you feeling festive in no time. Nature walks are also a great opportunity to get some exercise while bonding with friends, family or new neighbours .

5. Maise Mazes and Pumpkin Patches

You know all those silly pumpkin carving contests, corn mazes and fall festivals your town holds every year? Gather your nieces and nephews (or even your friends, if they’re up for the fun) and go to them! Raking leaves and building scarecrows will make you feel like a kid again and you’ll forget all about the chilly weather change.


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