Talize Haul: Scarves & Blazers

5 Oct

Allow me to summarize my shopaholic tenancies in one word: thrifty. I will not spend $30 on a t-shirt that I can get for $3 at Salvation Army. I will not spend $10 dollars on a necklace that I can get for $1 at Value Village. In addition to be frugal (ahem, cheap) I also love searching through racks upon racks of clothing – its like a treasure hunt!

Furthermore, I love being able to tell Geuss-clad girls that my jeans were $7 dollars – especially when they look just as sexy as their $170 ones! Haha!

So, without further ado, here is a mini-haul of clothing that I recently purchased at one of my favorite second-hand clothing stores, Talize!

1. Peachy Pink Scarf – I saw a nearly identical pink scarf at Forever 21 and, for a mere $6.50, I had to have it. Its a good thing I waited because a week later I found this adorable duplicate for less than four dollars. Its soft, warm and totally compliments my skin tone and hair colour!

2. Glittery Purple Scarf – Though not very functional, I could not turn this scarf away when it caught my eye on the rack at Talize. The photo here does not do it justice but this scarf has an indescribable blue-purple-black iridescence to it. For just a couple of bucks, its a definite statement piece!

3. Grey Scarf – I have been wanting a grey scarf for some time and this knitted, triangular number from Mark was an automatic “Yes” for me! It looks great with a plain white tee and jeans!

4. Pink T-Shirt – I have seen this pink Ganesha t-shirt in various stores on several occasions. However, each time I have found it out of my price range. So, you can imagine my surprise when I came across this tee in Talize for just a few dollars. It is one of the comfiest tees I own and looks really fun with black shredded jeans.

5. Pale Blue Blazer – In early September, a girl came into Forever 21 wearing a light blue blazer and black jeans. It looked so chic and so, needless to say, I have been on the hunt for one ever since. I didn’t expect to find one but, alas, I did! And, yes, it looks just as chic on me, haha!

6. Tan Blazer – I’ve been on a bit of a blazer kick. I found this tan-coloured one, originally from Reitmans, for $7 at Talize. It fits perfectly, feels comfortable and looks really sharp with black jeans and heels. I recently wore this blazer to an interview in a gigantic office building and fit right in!

7. Striped Shirt – A long-sleeve, black and white striped shirt has been high on my list of to-finds for a while. This Club Monaco shirt is incredibly comfy and so figure flattering. Whoever said horizontal stripes make you look fat?! It has also been boyfriend-approved!

I hope my haul has inspired you to do a little second-hand shopping of your own!

Love always, Erica


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