Product Review: Kashi Pumpkin Pie Bar

28 Sep

Last year, I discovered the joys of pumpkin pie. This year, I have been anxious to taste any and all things pumpkin-related. So, when I saw these Pumpkin Pie Fruit and Grain Bars on the shelf at the local Metro I had to try them. The topping looked irrestitable. And, although in reality the topping lacked a few nuts, the bar itself did not disappoint. In fact, it has become a new favorite.

In my opinion, the Kashi Pumpkin Pie bar tastes exactly like pumpkin pie. The topping even has a texture just like pumpkin pie filling. It may be a bit on the cinnamon side but only for the better!

The Kashi Pumpkin Pie bar is a great snack to throw in your purse and its full of festive autumn flavour! (Although, from what I’ve read, Kashi sells the Pumpkin Pie bars all year! Yay!) Plus, at just 120 calories per bar, they are even diet-friendly!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous fall!

Love always, Erica


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